Algae based
Oral Delivery Platform

Addressing the global food security crisis,
by protecting the sustainable production of aquaculture
species, using a novel algal oral delivery platform.

AlgaVac’s mission

AlgaVac’s mission is to promote global food security and environmental sustainability in aquaculture. As overfishing continues to deplete wild fish populations and destroy marine habitats, sustainable aquaculture is key to restoring our oceans, while simultaneously providing enough protein for the growing world population.

Our breakthrough technology is an environmentally friendly solution to the number one challenge in aquaculture: disease – causing $6B of fish loss annually.
AlgaVac’s oral vaccines and disease treatments replace wasteful plastics and injectables with microalgae biomass powder. Our green products widen the scope of treatable species to include, for the first time, crustaceans and mollusks.
By protecting the sustainable production of aquaculture from disease, AlgaVac is driven to achieve global food security and marine ecosystem sustainability.
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